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O-High Alumni(SM) Privacy Statement

The only information we automatically collect is that related to the use of our web site.
This information is anonymous and is gathered through our servers' log files.
These log files record generic information, such as the number of visits our web site receives,
the types of browsers used and the number of files downloaded, but never personal information.
This log file information allows us to create better content aimed at our viewer's preferences.

                O-High Alumni knows that your privacy is very important to you.
We welcome questions and comments regarding this policy,
so feel free to contact us at privacy@oberlin-high.org.
Because technologies on the Internet change so quickly,
O-High Alumni reserves the right to modify its Privacy Statement from time to time.

O-High Alumni(SM)Policy Statement

O-High Alumni is an Oberlin High School alumni (students, faculty and staff) web site originated by the Class of 1960. It has no official or formal connection with Oberlin High School or the Oberlin Board of Education, is not controlled by OHS or the OBE, and does not speak for or represent OHS or the OBE. Its purpose is to bring OHS alumni together and facilitate fellowship and communication among the members of each class, between classes, and with current and former faculty and staff. All participation is voluntary.

There are no costs to OHS alumni for using the site, and there are no advertisements. Costs for the site are born by the Class of 1960 and other sponsors. Al Goerlich, OHS '60, is the webmaster@oberlin-high.org.

Personal information provided at registration by some classmates is kept in a database on the webmaster's home computer, not on the site. Under no circumstance will the webmaster reveal personal information to a third party. If another classmate desires such information (e.g., to plan a reunion), he or she can request contact information on the registered classmate from the webmaster. The webmaster will then provide the requestor's contact information to the registered classmate, who may then provide the information to the requestor at his or her discretion.

Email addresses and other personal data (e.g., telephone numbers and home mailing addresses) provided on some Class pages, at the discretion of each Class, are intended to facilitate private and group communication among classmates. Such data are not to be used for commercial purposes.

Information available through this O-High Alumni site may be used for specific personal and reunion-related purposes only. Under no circumstances will alumni lists or database information be made available by the webmaster to organizations beyond the O-High Alumni community. These data may not be used for political or other causes, for fund raising, or for commercial business no matter how worthy the cause.



We are vigilant about protecting alumni data from being misused. If you have any questions about what is or is not appropriate to do with this information, please contact the webmaster@oberlin-high.org and we will be happy to clarify. If you believe that alumni data are being misused, please contact us immediately.

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Updated 26 December 03