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"OHS grads making their marks" 
by Claudine Carlton
Oberlin News-Tribune
 September 2, 2008

Congratulations to the Oberlin High School graduates who have recently earned college degrees.

Rebecca Crawford has completed her masters at Columbia Teachers College and is now teaching high school English in Seattle.

Sarah Johnson earned her master of science in teaching at PACE. She has moved to Seattle.

Angela Rogers has received her masters in curriculum and instruction from Bowling Green. She teaches at the Kindergarten Village in Elyria.

Julia Slocum has completed her master’s degree from the School for International Training. As part of that, she served an internship in Durban, South Africa. This summer, she had an internship with the United Nations in Washington, DC. Her husband Carl Roose is webmaster for American Friends Service Committee there. Her sister Laura is director of Read It Again at Ohio State, where she is working on her doctorate.

Four OHSers have graduated from Oberlin College in the last two semesters. Jackie Bousek studied art and is now in a master's program at the Art Institute, Chicago. Johannes Jungschaffer majored in politics and in law and society. He is now working in a law firm.

Chris Schubert studied sociology. He is the OC tight ends coach now. His parents—Susan, registered nurse, and Woody, paramedic—work for Medflight of Ohio. Andy Swanson majored in economics.

Andy Carlson's bachelor degree in graphic design is from Eastern Michigan. His father Frank is an attorney with Stumphauzer O'Toole in Sheffield Village and Wellington.

Erin Huff has received her bachelor's degree in sociology and psychology from Brigham Young. For her senior project she went to Ghana and studied the treatment of diabetes. She is now working on a masters in public health at OSU. Her brother Paul works for Source Forge, which develops open source software in Mountain View, CA, though he works from Provo, UT. He did his service for the Mormon Church in Rome.

Maya Simonson has earned her bachelor's in art at Alfred. She is continuing there for the fall semester in order to complete a second major, this one in art education. Her sister Sonja is a co-manager for a restaurant in Pittsburgh.

Bethany Sitar graduated from Denison and is now working on a graduate degree in physical therapy at Ohio U.

Marcus Daniels has earned his associates degree in computer graphic design from LCCC. He works at Kendal, where he has also demonstrated break dancing. His brother Sam owns and operates Cover All in Independence.

When NASA launched its Gamma-ray Large Area Space Telescope in June, the technical management of Erik Andrews went with it. Part of Back Nine Engineering, he is based in Oberlin.

Brian Carlton is engineering satellite communications equipment for ViaSat in Germantown, MD. His children are in elementary school International Baccalaureate programmes in Montgomery County, MD.

Desmond Bowen is assistant coordinator of the Bridge computer center in Oberlin. His sister Kimberley James is a nurse for a home care group in Elyria. Their brother Melvin works for Dairy Pack in N. Ridgeville. Their mother Enola works in dining services at OC.

Alan Brady teaches prisoners in London, OH. He helps them prepare for their GED exams. His sister Julie, a retired schoolteacher, is a nurse in the Lancaster and Logan hospitals.
Doug Brooks is the editor of the book and CD "King Lear." Doug teaches at Texas A&M. Princeton University Press has published "Together: Virginia and Leonard Woolf" by Natania Rosenfeld, who teaches at Knox.

Betty Carlson Morris (PhD in economics, Cornell) has retired from the International Labour Organization in Bangkok, Thailand, and settled in Oberlin. A son received an International Baccalaureate when they lived in Geneva. Patrick Zahnd (doctorate in public international law, University of Burgundy, Dijon, France) is now posted in Moscow for the International Committee of the Red Cross.

Joe Chuang is professor of mathematics at City University, London. Karen Merrill is Dean of the College and professor of history at Williams.

Bravo, Christian Colbert, comic book illustrator, who designed the new OHS Phoenix logo. Lorna Kretchmar, who has taught art at OHS for 27 years, shared the Kendal at Oberlin community art award with the owner of Ginko Gallery this year. Her son Rence is manager of a Barnes and Noble Store in Chicago. Her son Steve works with companies who are selling Dell computers.

Bruce Comings is now roasting coffee beans for La Prima in Pittsburgh. His father Sid teaches English at LCCC at both the main and St. Joseph campuses. His mother Prue Richards is collections assistant at the Oberlin Heritage Center.

Actress Beth Dixon appeared as Mme. Pernelle in "Tartuffe" at the Yale Repertory Theatre last year. She has been in "Major Barbara" and "Wrong Mountain" on Broadway, in many off-Broadway plays, and in several TV shows and movies.

Kristen Erikson Cherry is a corporate director of sales and marketing for Assisted Living Concepts. She is based in Columbus. Her brothers Erik and Carl Erikson develop computer games (bogturtlegames.com). They live in Chapel Hill and Asheville, NC.

Sandra Favour Hodge is the OC special assistant for community and government relations. Rachel Kolb Adcox has returned to Kendal as a licensed practical nurse.

Kevin Flanigan now owns property in Oberlin's industrial complex. One of his renters is Denny Flood, the founder and general manager of Nanotech Innovations. This company manufactures devices for making nanotubes out of carbon. Denny's sister Connie teaches at First Church Pre-School. Her husband Bob Schubert is a lieutenant fireman and paramedic in Oberlin.

Vicky Fridenstine worked in 07-08 at Cedar School, an International Baccalaureate programme, on Tortola, a British Virgin Island. She has returned to teach at Eastwood. David Watson is the in-school suspension teacher at OHS. Sarah Porter teaches fourth grade in San Leandro, CA.

Andrea Hsu, a producer for NPR's All Things Considered, was in Chengdu, near the epicenter of the big Chinese earthquake when it occurred in May. You can read and hear one of her reports, School in Session in China Tent City, here Her brother Steve is a lawyer for Deutsche Bank in Europe.

Psychologist Sara Jaffee is doing research as a senior lecturer in the Institute of Psychiatry at the University of London. Phil Verda is a psychotherapist with Psych and Psych in Elyria.

Stephanie Jones, director of the Bridge, is chair and Ian Yarber, an associate in the Oberlin recreation department, is a member of the Oberlin Board of Education. Scott Broadwell, house painter; Sharon Fairchild Soucy, retired LCJVS teacher; and Ron Rimbert, cab owner and operator, serve on the Oberlin City Council.

Rosa Knight Gadsden owns and operates Ohana (family) Daycare in Oberlin. She also rents out balloon bouncers as recess-time entertainment. Her sister Robyn Knight is a customer service rep for T-Mobile, Teletech. Their mother Pat is CEO of Scott Lake Park north of Oberlin.

Lori Livingston is a geologic consultant as Livingston Resources. Twice this year she has been to the Gobi desert in Mongolia for on-site work with a coal firm there. When in Lakewood, CO, she uses computer information to help guide the project. Her brother Doug as Livingston Consulting works with renewable energy sources, solar, wind and hydro, as well as efficiency. An increasing part of his work is teaching, for example, contractors. His home base is Booneville, CA.

Lisa Mason is working for Excelon in Chicago. Michael Radunsky is a product manager for scientific lasers at Bookham in San Jose, CA. Mark Shepherd is a solutions account executive with AT&T in Atlanta. Meade Thomson is a manager of a hedge fund in New York City. He deals mostly with Japanese investments.

Have you seen the sculpture by Richard Nord outside 312 Kendal or the fenceposts at the southeast corner of Prospect and Forest? They are made of hyper-tufa, a mixture of concrete, vermiculite, and peat moss. His cousin, Katie Nord Peterson comes to Oberlin often as a member of the board of the Nord Family Foundation.

Rhonda Richardson, professor of Human Development and Family Studies at Kent State, has published "What Kids REALLY Want to Ask: Using Movies to Start Meaningful Conversations (A guidebook for parents and kids ages 10-14)" (www.kidsask-pr.com). In 2006 she won the Kent State University Alumni Association's Distinguished Teaching Award.

Ron Rybarczyk, former minority owner of 20 area Burger Kings, was this year's recipient of the Boy Scouts' Heart of Ohio Council Distinguished Citizen award. He was honored for raising millions of dollars for Second Harvest, Easter Seals, Project Care, and LCCC. Carlton Shumate is the pastor of Asbury United Methodist Church, Elyria. He is continuing to work on his bachelor of divinity degree at Ashland. Greg White is now a U.S. magistrate judge in the Northern District of Ohio. Karen Wilson is a parole officer in Lorain County.

Karen Schoonmaker Freudenberger is coordinator of the Program "Save the Old City" of Fianarantsoa, Madagascar. This community-based project focuses on saving the century-old homes, on improving sanitation, and on promoting economic activities to generate employment. Her daughters attend a French International Baccalaureate school. Her brother Dirk Schoonmaker, having retired from the Tahoe, fire department, is now an independent contractor there in California.

Robert Weinstock (PhD in chemistry, Wisconsin) is teaching chemistry and physics at Harrisburg Community College, Lancaster, PA. Margaret Young teaches freshman English seminars at Endicott College in Beverly, MA. Her topic is the political and eating aspects of food.

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