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"OHS grads making marks on globe" 
by Claudine Carlton
Oberlin News-Tribune
October 3, 2006

Smile when you read this report about our Oberlin High School graduates.

Andre Willis has received his Ph.D. in the philosophy of religion from Harvard. His thesis was on the Scottish philosopher David Hume. He is now teaching at the Yale Divinity School. His sister Pam has completed her master's degree in social work at Case Western Reserve and is a supervisor for Lorain County Children's Services.

Margy Pierce has earned her doctorate in education from Harvard. She is now teaching special education at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Her brother Steve teaches African history at the University of Manchester, England.

Ivan Harrell received his Ph.D. in educational administration from Florida State last spring. He is now coordinator of student affairs at J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College in Richmond, Virginia.

Zheadric Barbra has earned his Ed.D. in educational administration at Georgia Southern. His thesis "Georgia School Principals' Perception of the Impact of School Facilities on Achievement" has been chosen by the International Society for Educational Planning for an outstanding dissertation award. He is an assistant principal at Carver Middle School in Monroe, Georgia. His twin Sheadric is an assistant principal at Memorial Middle School in Conyers, Georgia.

Three of our alumni have received J.D.'s recently. Steve Frye's is from Pittsburgh law school; Elsa Pearson's, New York University; and Angela Wu's, Harvard.

 Dylan Chmura-Moore has received master's degrees in conducting and trombone performance from the New England Conservatory. This summer he worked at the Heifetz International Music Institute.

Brandon County has earned his master's degree in African history from Columbia. He specializes in Mali, a country in the western Sahara. He is continuing toward his doctorate. Last spring he substituted at OHS and taught the bamana language in Exco at OC. His brother Trevor has completed his bachelor's degree in economics at Miami of Ohio. He  is now an  administrator at NACS.

Molly Huber has earned her master's degree in accounting at San Francisco State. She is a financial analyst for Chevron in San Francisco.

Michael Palmieri has received a master's in counseling from the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco.

Courtney Johnson received a master's in German from Bowling Green. She will spend this year teaching English in Salzburg. Her sister Sarah received her bachelor's degree in geology from Oberlin College. She is now teaching in New York City with Teach for America.

Dr. Cheryl Peek-Ball has earned her master's in public health at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. She practices medicine in maternal and children's health in Bermuda. Her brother Joseph Peek has earned his master's in teaching at New York University. He is now teaching at at Nature's Classroom in Temple Hills, OH.

David Shimoni has earned master's degrees in solo piano and accompanying at Julliard. He is working on his doctorate in musical arts in performance at the City University of New York.

Laura Slocum has earned her master's in speech pathology at Ohio State. She continues toward her doctorate. She was the speech therapist for Eastwood School last spring.

Carrie Broadwell received her bachelor's degree in English from OC. She worked in the OC library this summer.

Tom Carlson has received his bachelor's degree in economics from Cincinnati. He is working for Bankers Life and Casualty in Westlake.
Emily Dobbins graduated from Barnard with a major in American Studies. She has entered a program in design at the University of California, Berkeley.

Erika Douglass received her bachelor's degree in biochemistry from Occidental. She is now doing research in immunology at the University of Washington. Her brother Ralph has earned his bachelor's in computer science at Oberlin.

Jackie Haumann has received her bachelor's degree in English from OC. She is working at a high-end auction company in Los Angeles.

Racchi Hill received her bachelor's in accounting from Cleveland State. She is now an accountant for Ampco in Cleveland. Her nephew Calvin Locklear received his bachelor's in computer-aided drafting from Eastern Michigan.

Hilary Lewis has received her bachelor's from Amherst in psychology and women's and gender studies. She is a kindergarten teacher at Leadership Prep Academy in Brooklyn, NY, through Teach for America. Her mother Linda Mitchell is treasurer of Dunlap's Garage in Elyria.

Andy McDaniel received his bachelor's in computer science from Oberlin this May. He is now a systems analyst and programmer with Emprise Technologies in Toledo. His brother Scott completed his bachelor's in special education at Cleveland State this spring. This fall he is teaching and coaching at a middle school in Prince Wiliam County, Virginia. Their brother Tim received three associates degrees from LCCC. He is continuing his education via Toledo.

Simonson siblings have earned degrees at Grinnell. Joe, who majored in computer science, is working in Tokyo for T-Mark, a software company. Sonja majored in physics.

Jason Whitehead graduated from Ohio U. in geography. He has served two years in AmeriCorps.

Kurt Ackermann is a management consultant in technology in Capetown, South Africa. Chris Andrews is now teaching statistics at the State University of New York at Buffalo.

Amanda Broske teaches home-schooled students.

 Emily Dobbins graduated from Barnard with a major in American Studies. She has entered a program in design at the University of California, Berkeley.ia the web in State College, PA. Her brother Jack is a machinist and makes parts for magnetic resonance imaging instruments. Their brother Josh works for Suburban Clocks and North Coast Imports in Berea. As a member of the Ohio National Guard, he has served in various places in the U.S. in homeland security.

David Craig's book "John Ruskin and the Ethics of Consumption" is being published by the University of Virginia Press this fall. He teaches ethics in the religion department of Indiana University Purdue University at Indianapolis. His sister Julie is director of production for pharameuticals at Glaxo Smith Kline in Toronto. Their sister Mary teaches German and voice at a school for the arts in Salt Lake City.

Dianne Green is physical fitness center coordinator at Kendal.

Ann Lambie Coughlin works at the YWCA in Brandon, FL. Did the pilot on your recent Continental flight on a 737 look familiar? He might have been Steve Friebert, particularly if you flew into or out of Newark or Cleveland.

Josh Friedman does computer graphics and communications for a children's hospital in New York.

Lashonda Robinson is a dialysis technician at St. Vincent Charity Hospital, Cleveland. She is also working on her RN at LCCC.

Cheryl Pettiford Gooch is the OHS intervention specialist, and Brandi Hicks is a Prospect teacher.
Stephanie Jones and Ian Yarber are on the Oberlin School Board. Stephanie is in charge of The Bridge computing center here in Oberlin. Ian is the assistant to Connie Ponder, Oberlin's recreation coordinator.

Judy Harris does graphic design and customer service at Main Office Copy Shop. Phyllis Yarber Hogan is an administrative assistant in student academic services at OC.

Memo Hershiser is a cultural analyst for the U.S. Defense Department at Fort Bragg, N.C. His area of expertise is Central Asia, including Afghanistan.

Brian Jaffe is working for the America Israel Public Affairs Committee in Washington, DC. His sister Sara teaches psychology at the University of Pennsylvania. Her research concerns resiliency in young children.

Lura Johnson-Lee and her husband Matt Horowitz-Lee present Concerts and Cuisine in the Baltimore-Washington area. Lura plays a piano recital and Matt is chef for a gourmet dinner. Her brother Nils Johnson is programmer of legal software for Bridgeway Software in Houston.

Dr. John Jonesco III practices family medicine in Hilliard. Dr. Tony Michaels has a fellowship in gastroenterology at the University of Florida, Gainesville. Jim Strayer is a registered nurse at Allen Medical Center.

Jenny Knight is an instructor in biology at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Her research is in methods of teaching science. Mary McGill teaches art history at the Cleveland Institute of Art. Stephanie Moffett-Hynds is now teaching drama at Burr & Burton Academy in Manchester, VT.

Alex McDaniel serves as a military policeman in the army at Ft. Campbell, Kentucky. He spent all of 2005 in northern Iraq performing security missions and training new Iraqi police officers.

Karen Merrill's book "The Oil Crisis of 1973-74: A Brief History with Documents" will be published in December. She teaches 20th century American history at Williams.

Brent Miller is a logistics specialist for APL in Charlotte, N.C., where his sister Stephanie is a bank teller.

Have you seen the good advertisements for Oberlin on Cable Co-op? Ron Rimbert, who serves on Oberlin's City Council, sells advertising to run on cable television.

Three Schoonmakers have changed positions recently. Tim, who has retired from the Air Force Reserve, is a Drug Enforcement Agency supervisor in Salt Lake City. Jonathan is head of human resources for Borland, a software company in Mountain View, CA. Karen is working on a historic preservation project in Madagascar.

Jared Smitko is using his carpentry and masonry skills at East Oberlin Cabinets. His sister Kim Dill is a dental hygienist in Cleveland. She is also studying Chinese in order to teach the Bible.

Margaret Young teaches English at Merced County Community College in CA. Her brother Newell is a social worker in Pittsfield, MA.

I shall continue these annual columns if you will help me by providing information. I would particularly like to hear from Martha Bellavek, Tristan Francis, Belinda Harris, Tachelle Ross, and YOU.

Keep your news coming to
Claudine Carlton
143 Kendal, Oberlin,
(440) 774-6542.

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