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"More OHS graduates are now doctors"
by Claudine Carlton
Oberlin News-Tribune
July 16, 2002

There are two more OHS graduates whom we can address as "Dr." David DeMasrco received his M.D. from Ohio State. Now he is serving a family medicine residency at St. Elizabeth Hospital in Edgewood, Kentucky.

Rose Merchant has earned her PhD in psychology from Howard. Her research concerned the study of problems in a residential criminal justice substance abuse treatment program. She is currently a mental health clinician at the Center for Correctional Policy Studies in Washington, D.C.

Roger Drake has received his J.D. from Case Western Reserve. He will start working for Gallagher, Sharp, Fulton, and Norman in Cleveland later this summer. His specialty will be

Halle Morrison has received her master's in geology from San Jose State. Recently she was thrilled to experience her first earthquake (a 5.5). She will continue to teach chemistry at Woodside Prioriy High School in Portola, California.

Eleanor Ruckman has received her master's in counseling and art therapy from College of Notre Dame in Belmont, California. She is now working as a clinical case manager for an Oakland-based agency, Parental Stress Service, that works to prevent and heal child abuse.

Jake Culbertson has received his bachelor's in anthropology from Colby. He spent his junior year in Ghana and the Dominican Republic. His senior thesis was about the culturally-insensitive management of Native American sacred sites on public land. He is now on a summer educational internship with Crow Canyon Archaeological Center in Cortez, Colorado. He is accompanying
digs in Mesa Verde National Park and doing cultural interpretation about Anasazi and southwest Indian culture with groups ranging from fourth grade to senior citizens.

Aaron Green graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago with majors in graphic design and photography. Shana Heilbron graduated from Ohio Wesleyan in political science and women's studies.

Kelly Ives graduated from Baldwin-Wallace, majoring in special education. She will be student teaching in the Parma schools this fall. Berit Jacobson studied bio-psychology at Michigan.

Joseph Khalil has graduated from Case Western Reserve with a major in physics and engineering. Now he is working at the Glenn Research Center of NASA.

Alex Morrison majored in photography at Ithaca. His senior project included pictures of Oberlin teachers and residents who had nurtured him. He is now a photographer in Ithaca, New York.

Tom Rice graduated from Heidelberg with a major in environmental biology. Joe Simonson majored in computer science at Grinnell

Julia Slocum has received her bachelor's degree in sociology from Kalamazoo. She spent one semester of her junior year in Nairobi, Kenya.

Jason Dozier has received his associate degree from Virginia Marti College of Fashion and Art in Lakewood. Currently working for World Market in Avon, he wishes to go into visual marketing such as dressing mannequins or arranging funiture displays.

There is news about other OHS graduates. In Chicago Elise Andrews is regional manager of SDL International, which provides localization solutions to corporations with a global presence.

Anne Broadwell signs for the deaf and hard of hearing at Findlay High School. Her sister Julie is supervisor of victim services of mental health in Bowling Green. Their brother Scott is the owner of Broadwell Painting here in Oberlin. His daughter Carrie is now an AFS student in Aix-en-Provence, France. She will attend Oberlin College in the fall. She is a fourth generation OHS graduate since a great-grandmother and a great-grandfather were OHS graduates. Both Howard Broadwell, retired painting businessman, and his wife Jean Murray, retired school teacher, also graduated from OHS.

Brian Carlton is a principal engineer at Megisto Systems, a wireless equipment manufacturer, in Germantown, Maryland. His brother David is teaching math at Stanford.

Forest Daniels works in manufacturing at Invacare in Elyria. In addition, he is continuing in food service at Kendal at Oberlin. Emily Dobbins, who graduated from OHS in January, is now attending Midoridai High School in Kawanishi City, Japan. Uniforms and no make-up are required. One of her favorite extracurricular activities is helping in the study of English as a second language. She will attend Barnard in the fall.

Tawnya Dudash has been teaching third, fourth and fifth graders in a public alternative school in San Francisco. Desiree Dyson is now working in a day care in Boulder, Colorado.

Alice Gates is the organizer of the Portland, Oregon Schools Alliance. She serves as a liaison between public school administrators and teachers and parents. The Alliance's purpose is to ensure that parents and school officials meet and communicate in positive ways that will benefit all parties involved in the educational process. Her brother Chris is now designing a database for the Institute for Applied Research at the University of Michigan.

Lori Hagerty is an administrator in the U.S. government and educational banking division of Wells Fargo Bank in San Francisco. Fatima Khalil is a technical writer for Océ Technical in Cleveland. Her sister Phadrah works for Sky Tech, which manages banks, in Bowling Green.

Robyn Knight is financial administrative assistant for Mt. Zion Church. Her sister Rosa directs the gospel choir there. She is also an assistant teacher at Oberlin Head Start. Their mother Patricia Scott Knight is the loan officer of Capital Growth Corp., the small business lending arm of the Greater Cleveland Growth Association.

Jeff Lin is a software engineer at Retek, Inc. in Minneapolis. His sister Monica counsels liberal arts majors at the University of California, Berkeley.

Joe Michaels, a graduate student at the University of California, San Diego, had his composition for violoncello, percussion, and female voice "Mirrors".

Zeke Ruckman is manager of Sunstate Equipment Company, which rents out large construction equipment, in Flagstone, Arizona.

Jackie Scott has published her third novel under the pen name J. Jermayne. "Cleaning Out My Closet"concerns four friends, four problems with one answer. Jackie teaches English and advises the school newspaper students at Prosser High School, a magnet school in Chicago.

A divinity student at Ashland, Carlton Shumate is now the student pastor of Asbury Church in Elyria. His wife Shelle Shephard is a shelver at the Oberlin Public Library. She is also studying social work at LCCC.

Speech therapist Laura Slocum is a pre-school diagnostician in the San Diego schools. Her brother Chris is a third-year resident in pediatrics at the University of Maryland Medical Center.

Another reunion has come to my attention. The OHS Class of '77 will hold its reunion the weekend of November 29-30. You may contact Robert Owens (bobojr@earthlink.net) or Lori Hagerty (hagertll@wellsfargo.com) at Government & Educational Banking, Wells Fargo Bank, 550 California Street, 10th Floor, MAC A0112-102, San Francisco, CA 94104.
There is more information at www.oberlin-high.org/1977/

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