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"Retirees enjoy Kendal, kids' success" 
by Claudine Carlton
Oberlin News-Tribune
December 11, 2001

The single most important event in the history of our community was the founding of Oberlin College in 1833.  The second most important event of a similar nature was the opening of Kendal at Oberlin in 1993.  This brought more than 200 well educated people here, and more are coming every month.  We signed up for the priority list five years before that.  The purpose was to show the Kendal Corporation that people
throughout our country were interested in a continuing care retirement center being built here. Eventually we changed to the ready-to-move-in
list, and in August we actually moved in.

Volunteering in the community is a way of life at Kendal.  For example, Emiko Custer, retired from the Library of Congress, orders and processes OC's books in Japanese.  OC sociology professor emeritus Al McQueen has served on the Oberlin Community Services, the Oberlin Public Library, and the Oberlin Early Childhood Center boards.

There are lectures and recitals at Kendal open to the public.  In April Roger Copeland, professor of theater at Oberlin College, talked on the decline of public support for the arts in the United States.  He compared that with the European willingness to pay higher taxes for better public support of theatre, dance, music, etc.  In May we heard Mary Kirtz, director of Canadian studies at Akron, speak on "Canada as the 51st State?"

Last year we heard Nikkolai Stevenson, founder of the Association of Macular  Diseases, speak on "Making the Most of Your Vision."  Watch the Trib for your invitation to similar events.

Kendal, though not for profit, does pay real estate taxes.  All of the resident pay school district taxes.  The employees pay Oberlin's payroll tax, and if they live in Oberlin, school district taxes.  It is important that it is a good citizen to the city of Oberlin.

Let's turn now to Oberlin High School graduates whose parents are living at Kendal.  Having retired as a certified massage therapist, Peggy Arnold is now considering a career in oral history.  She lives in Longmont, Colorado.  Her sister Tacie Hampton is a patient representative at Lorain Community Hospital.

Katherine Aschaffenburg is a technical editor for Xenergy, which consults for utilities, governments, and private businesses about energy concerns, in Madison, Wisconsin.  Her sister Ruth is the owner of Bead Paradise II here in Oberlin.  The store now includes a vintage clothing department.

Let's check on the Carlson siblings.  Betty Morris is a regional director for the International Labor Organization, dealing mostly in working conditions for women and children.  Recently she served on delegations to conferences in China, Mongolia, Vietnam and Malaysia. Her headquarters are in Bangkok. Her brothers Frank and Jim are attorneys for Baumgartner and O'Toole in Elyria and Thompson, Hines, and Flory in Cleveland, respectively.  Jim served in the Peace Corps in Afghanistan in the early 70s.  Their sister Sandy Seifert teaches math and science in middle school in Chesapeake, Virginia.  

Brian Carlton is a hardware engineer for Seneca Networks in Rockville, Maryland.  His brother David is doing research in math at Stanford. 

Clark Champney is manager of applications development for TRW near Elyria.  His brother Lynn works for ELK Shipping and Receiving in
Worthington.  Lynn had previously served 12 years in the Air Force in Spain, Germany and Vietnam.

Pam Evans is a pediatric physical therapist in Cody, Wyoming.  Her sister Susan is senior compensation analyst for WANG Global in McLean, Virginia.

Bob Farquhar is president of the family owned business Gasflux in Elyria. His wife Marianne Schlichterle is a registered nurse at Fairview  Hospital.  His sister Lori Farquhar is a fund raiser for Bryn Mawr College, near Philadelphia.

Stuart Fauver is an attorney in Sierra Vista, Arizona.

Kathleen Flanigan Lindman is a reading specialist in the Genessee Valley schools in Clio, Michigan.  Her brother Kevin is president and chairman of the board of General Plug Manufacturing and owner of the Unicorn restaurant, both in Grafton

Amy Gittler is an attorney in Phoenix.  Her firm is Amy Gittler and Associates. Her brother Marshall is senior Asian currency strategist for the Bank of America in Tokyo.

Jeanine Henke Neumann is director of Client Services Berkshire Partners in Boston.  Her sister Lia Lowrie is medical director of pediatrics
critical care at Rainbow Babies' and Children's Hospital in Cleveland.

Art Holbrook, a videomaker who recently filmed in Tanzania, Uganda, Sudan and Cambodia, lives in Victoria, British Columbia.  Debby is editor-in-chief of Magna Publications in Madison, Wisconsin.  Rick is a small business consultant in Research Park, Northwestern University.

There are four Kurtz brothers. David has retired from teaching social studies in Orchard Park, New York.  Eric is a computer specialist in Arlington, Massachusetts.  Karl is with NCSL, a packing and mail business, which serves as a liasion between state and federal agencies.

Keith McIlroy is a programmer for AT&T in Brecksville.  His wife Janet Clark teaches early elementary in Cleveland.  His sister Maida teaches art history at the community college in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Linda Merritt Royalty is a social worker in Columbus. 

Now it is the Podwalnys' turn.  Alexandra Olga has her own company AOM, audiovisual organization and marketing, in New York City.  It also includes tv production and communication.  Gary is an industrial engineer.  For example, he has designed computers for Dell Corporation.   Robert is vice president of Bank of America in San Francisco.

Joe Reichard is the chief engineer for the recycling of metals for Commercial Metals Company in Dallas.

Annie Shaver-Crandell, who has retired from teaching history of art at City College in New York, is now painting.  Her preferred medium is
watercolor.  Her brother Philip Shaver is a lawyer in Princeton, New Jersey.

Gail Stang Norton is office manager for an estate management firm in La Jolla.  Her sister Marcia Spiegelberg lives in Nathrop, Colorado, where she raises alpacas.

Barbara Stechow Harris is a music teacher in Lansing.  Her brother Hans Stechow has retired from NACS.  Their sister Nicki Memmott is an
administrative assistant in the OC Conservatory. 

In Claremont, California, Jack Thourot is a vice president of Gary Superchargers of Bendix.  His sister Joan is a pharmacist for Kaiser and is co-owner of the Suburban Clock Shop.

John Yinger has a named professorship in economics and public administration at Syracuse.  His sister Nancy is director of international programs at the Population Reference Bureau in Washington, D.C. 

It is common for both Welcome Nursing Home and Kendal to be completely full.  Does that mean that Oberlin is a good place in which to retire?

Keep your news coming to
Claudine Carlton
143 Kendal, Oberlin,
(440) 774-6542.

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