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"OHS grads see success in job fields" 
by Claudine Carlton
Oberlin News-Tribune
July 19, 2001

Two more OHS graduates can now be called "Dr." Sara Jaffee has earned her PhD in psychology at Wisconsin. Her thesis was on anti-social behavior of children who are offspring of teenage parents and the likelihood of teenagers who exhibit anti-social behavior becoming teen-age parents. She is now doing post-doctoral research in London.

Genevieve Johnson has received her doctor of osteopathy from Ohio University. Her internshipis at Southern Ohio Medical Hospital in Portsmouth.

Ian Anderson has received his master of science in electrical engineering from the University of Dayton. He concentrated on electromagnetics. Later this summer he will be moving to Virginia to work for the Pulsed Power Radio Frequency Effects group at the Naval Surface Warfare Center. He will be studying the effects of high-power microwave weapons on military and commercial electronics equipment.

Malcolm Cash completed his master's in creative writing at the University of Pittsburgh this spring. He is now studying at Wesleyan Seminary in Washington, D.C.

Aksel Casson has earned his master's in archaeology at the University of Washington in Seattle. He is continuing toward his doctorate by investigating the dating of the flooding of the Black Sea and evaluating its role in the spread of agriculture into Europe.

Angela Peek has earned her master's in literacy at Ashland. She is a reading teacher at Eastwood School.

Eight OHSers have completed their bachelor's degrees recently. 
Rachael Barbee majored in sociology at Oberlin College. She expects to go to law school in the fall. 
Rachel Hammond has graduated from Capital with a major in Spanish and international studies. Paul Koch majored in German studies at Yale. He hopes to go into theatre in New York City. Adam Koos majored in psychology at Ohio State. He will be working for the stock firm Edward Jones in Dublin. 
Meghan Wessell majored in musical theatre at Ohio Northern. She spent one semester of her senior year going around the world on the program Semester at Sea.
Eli Wood has graduated from Grinnell with a major in political science. 
Angela Wu concentrated on government and religion at Harvard. Next she will go to Hungary on a Fulbright to study at the Kodaly Music Pedagogy Institute in Kecskemet. In the fall of 2002 she will enter Harvard law school.

In March, Chris Locke completed her work toward becoming a registered nurse. She studied at Ohio University, Zanesville. She specializes in pediatric oncology and is now working at Children's Hospital in Columbus.

There is news about other OHS graduates. Naomi Clark Babcock is a clinical therapist in Pepper Pike.

Franziska Bruner is a counselor for PrepforPrep, which helps students, particularly gifted African-American and Latino high schoolers, get ready for college. 

Having served many years in the National Weather Service, Peter Paul Chase, '48, teaches computer science at Sullivan Ross State University in west Texas.

Jennifer Care heads a branch office of Sprint E in Seven Hills. She specializes in internet technology. Her brother Steve is an orthopedist, specializing in hands, in Boise, Idaho.

Now let's check on the Cunninghams. Kelly Verda is a dental assistant for David Evans. She and her husband are co-owners of Haslage Transportation in Lorain. Paul Cunningham is now an FAA controller in Indianapolis. Phil is a sales representative for Invacare on the west coast and Hawaii. Ray is president of Tell Me Communications, which offers complete telecommunication services with headquarters in Elyria.

Richard Gilbert works for Nevada's public safety division and lives in Carson City.

Kelly Grigsby is now a litigation attorney for Williams, Sennett & Scully in Twinsburg. She specializes in insurance defense. Her brother Mike is vice president for business development of HCH Training & Development, Inc in Abilene, Texas. Lee Grigsby now works in production for Channel 3 in Cleveland. His sister Robin is a secretary at OHS.

Bennett Helm is the author of "Emotional Reason: Deliberation, Motivation, and the Nature of Value" published by Cambridge University Press. He teaches philosophy at Franklin and Marshall. Roslynn Hill is manager of account developments for American Express in this area.

Lura Johnson has won a piano competition sponsored by La Gesse Foundation. The prize includes a two-week residency at a Toulouse museum in southern France this summer and a Carnegie Hall recital later this year. This spring she gave a recital of American music at the Phillips Collection in Washington, D.C.

Chris Kasper is a principal engineer, designing computer chips, at Emulex, a California company that has a research and development operation outside Boston. Their major product enables data to be stored. His sister Daivia is an attorney with the Huron County prosecutor's office, where she does their civil litigation and advises local governments. She also maintains a private practice in Norwalk, Ohio.

Kyle Koos has completed two years in the Navy, serving on the USS Roosevelt in Kosovo and in Norfolk, Virginia. He expects to attend OSU.

Bob Kretchmar is technical manager for Master Chemicals in New Hampshire.

Christian Mattingly is manager of Preservation Parks in the county of Delaware, Ohio

Heather McConeghy is a chemist for research and development at Bath & Body Works in Columbus. 

Joe Peek is a counselor at the Berea Children's Home.

Let's update ourselves about the Pettiford siblings. Cheryl Gooch is a teacher of the developmentally handicapped at Oberlin High School. Skip is manager of the Men's Wearhouse in Bethesda, Maryland. Stephanie Jones is the director of the Bridge, the technology center in Oberlin. Tom works at Invacare in Elyria.

Sarah Porter teaches a bilingual first and second grade class in Oakland, California. 

Deborah Spriggs Richard is the owner of Personal Chef in Rochester Hills, Michigan. 

Jonathan Schoonmaker is now vice president for human resources at Marimba in Mountain View, California. His sister Karen has a grant from Aid for International Development to help save railroads in Madagascar.

Jackie Scott has published her second book "Snapshots, Is Love Picture Perfect,", which is a revision of "Snapshots, a Love Story." She writes under the pen name Jackie Jermayne. 

Bill Spencer is a printing salesperson in the Washington, D.C. area.

My columns are based on direct contact with OHS graduates or their close family relatives.  If you would like to be included, I invite you to contact me with your news.

Keep your news coming to
Claudine Carlton
143 Kendal, Oberlin,
(440) 774-6542.

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