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"An update on the class of '75" 
by Claudine Carlton
Oberlin News-Tribune
January 16, 2001

Two Oberlin High School graduates completed their degrees in December. Laura Slocum has earned her master's in speech-language pathology at Case Western Reserve.  She now has  a clinical fellowship at Professional Speech and Counseling Services in San Diego. Cherilyn Brice's major for her bachelor's degree at Ohio State was history.  She expects to go to law school at the University of Pittsburgh in the fall.

The OHS Class of '75 had a reunion in November.  Ruth Aschaffenburg is the owner and Katrina Bukovac is the  manager of Bead Paradise II in Oberlin.

After 25 years of service Matt Bouchonville retired as a marine engineer in the U.S. Navy.  Next he expects to go into computer work.  His wife Rose Maze is a licensed practice nurse in family practice in Virginia Beach.

Julie Broadwell works at a ommunity mental health center in Bowling Green.  She runs the rape crisis center for Wood County.  Harvest Daniels works on the assembly line at Ford Motor Company in Lorain. Becky Fanning home schools her children and farms in Van Lue, Ohio.

Barbara Tolbert Kirby is a secretary in the dean of students office at Oberlin College.  Larry Knapp is principal of Verity Middle School in Middletown, Ohio.  Attorney Bruce Livingston is a federal public defender for death row inmates in Idaho and eastern Washington.

Elsie Murphy is an assistant teacher in kindergarten at Elm City Elementary in Elm City, North Carolina.  Rodney Pinkston is a tax advisor in Fairfax, Virginia.

Diane Pope works in the finance department at Kendal.  Ronondo Sherrod has been workings for York International, which makes air conditioners and furnaces, in Elyria.

Turning now to news about other graduates, here is an update on the Abrams. Debbie Young is the lead coordinator of the business education team in YOU, the non-profit Youth Opportunities Unlimited, at Shaw High School in East Cleveland.  Gail Montgomerry is an international flight attendant for United and lives in Los Vegas. Greg Abam is a physical trainer for professionals in the Los Angeles area.  His son Bryan works at TGIF in Elyria.

Denise Cash and Tony Marshall are on the Oberlin Board of Education.  Steve Hodge is a substitute teacher in the Oberlin schools.

Stacy Dahl is client relations executive for the Economist intelligence unit with headquarters in Vienna, Austria.

Now the HenkesJeanine Neuman is director of client services for Berkshire Partners, an investment venture capital firm in Boston.  Her sister Lia Lowrie is medical director of pediatric critical care at Rainbow Babies' and Children's  Hospital in Cleveland.

Danny Johnson is president and owner of Cellular Associates in Stoneham, Massachusetts.  His brother David is president and owner of Wireless in Boston. Their sister Hilary is director of community relations for the Cleveland Browns.

Now let us check on the LaycocksChristopher is a foreign service officer in the U.S. Embassy in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  Recently he was involved in the advanced preparations for President Clinton's trip to Vietnam.  In San Francisco Megan is project manager for a consortium of blood banks, which is doing an extensive study about immune disease systems.  Vera is an administrator for an adult education program in Winchester, 
England.  The organization covers more than twenty languages, but her specialty is French.

Jeff  Lin is a software engineer at Retek in Minneapolis.  His sister Monica is a student affairs officer in the center for undergraduate matters for the department of electrical engineering and computer sciences at the University of California, Berkeley.

Kris Eddington Marple is working for the Ohio Department of Public Safety as an  electronic design coordinator for six divisions. Lester Morris works at Abraham Farms and at Morris Farms, which also sells straw.  Carl Roose is teaching English, and is also painting and studying art in  Modena, Italy.

Remember the Schumackers at First Church?  At Philip Johnson Associates in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Martin writes newsletters, annual reports and training manuals for S&P 500 companies.  He is also manager of their subsidiary Frontline Publishing, which is for paraprofessional health care workers.  In Sacramento, Nathan is a public employee of California, involved in toxic waste control.  A public policy specialist, he arranges meetings in communities and negotiates with ompanies and governments.  In Cincinnati Stephen is a writer for Allied, a nonprofit organization which trains  the disadvantaged to be leaders in their communities.

My columns are based on direct contact with OHS graduates or their close family relatives.  If you would like to be included, please send me an e-mail telling me about yourself.  My next OHS graduates column is scheduled for June.

Best wishes,
Claudine Carlton

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Claudine Carlton
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