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A short history of the O-High Alumni web site.
The class of 1960 had our 40-year reunion July 2000 at the Oberlin Inn. Prior to the reunion, we worked 3 years to locate all 81 members of our class. To help us communicate and share with each other, we implemented 2 web pages, a message board and an e-mail list program. Following our reunion, five members of the class who had enjoyed working together on the webpages, didn't want the fun to end. We decided to expand our class web site into one for the entire body of OHS alumni.

To assist other classes in locating and communicating with their class members, the OHS Class of 1960 registered the domain name of "oberlin-high.org" and set up this the O-High Alumni site for use by all classes of Oberlin High School.  We have added a mailing list and a message board for all Alumni.

We started with our class, added links to the classes of 1966 and 1976 who had their own web pages. We posted messages on the various alumni sites and Oberlin web sites. As people wrote in, we created pages for their class. We have since grown to 135 class pages, 1863, 1867 and 1870 through 2003, listing over 8,800 OHS alumni and with almost 1,100 registering their e-mail address. Nine classes have their own webmaster who designed their class web page. If you know how to design a web page and would like to do so for your class, let me know.

The Oberlin City School system is aware of our efforts and has a link to our web site on their page at www.oberlin.k12.oh.us/alumnicontacts.htm

We allow no advertising our web site and therefore receive no income. Webmasters and others who help maintain the site receive no financial compensation; they do it as a labor of love. The class of 1960 paid all the expenses of setting up this web site. Since the web site has been on line, others have contributed to the cost of the operation.  The Class of 1961 paid all fees for the year 2002. The Class of 1936 paid all fees for the year 2003. The 2004 fees are being paid by Sue Well, Class of 1958. A complete list of sponsors is located here: www.oberlin-high.org/sponsors.html. It costs close to $100 a year for the domain name registration and for server hosting.

The O-High Alumni officers are:
Bob Oliphant - President
Pat Yarber-Lamb - Vice President
Judy (Chapin) Kelble - Secretary
Chris (Hecock) Yochem - Treasurer
Al Goerlich - O-High Alumni Webmaster
Committee Members are the class page webmasters.

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Updated 8 January 04