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Alumni Band Member Memories
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I was a member of the Marching Band from the 8th grande till I graduated in 1968.  I played the clarinet but in my senior year was a majorette.  I still recall the awsome time we had in Chicago marching at the football All-Star game in Soldier's Field.  I remember having to get all rigged up for the light show and trying to twirl my baton in the cold rainy weather.  What a great time we had and what discipline we learned.  I would love to be a member of the alumni marching band but alas, have no instrument-I guess I could be a little chubby majorette if needed though!

Liz Simonson, class of 1968

 Homecoming news brought back memories of marching band days, particularly one game in the pouring down rain at an out-of-town game --- can't remember who won but we certainly were wet!!

I was in the band from 7th grade on --- played bells until my senior year, switching to snare drum (played clarinet and oboe in concert band) --- that was way back in the 40s --- I would have liked to have been with you but was on a trip that weekend --- maybe next year.

Fou (Tanner) Linder - Class of 1950

In either our junior or senior year, the marching band was short of people, so Mr. Handyside bribed a few of us from the orchestra to play percussion instruments in the marching band.  I was one of them and I think Karen Lyman also played snare drum.  Actually it was fun.  I wish I had been there for the homecoming weekend, rain or shine.

Barb (Bukovac) Landsman  - Class of 1960

I graduated Oberlin High School in 1979.  I was there when Steve Johnson first started working there and also was in the first marching band after years of not having one.  I was a flutist, but played bass drum in the marching band for a couple of years.  There were very few of us back then, but we were proud!

When I was age zero to six, I grew up at 160 N. Main Street, directly across from the Middle School (back then is the was Jr. High School.)  My house was the one North of Keep Coop, which has since been torn down to make a driveway and parking spot.  Anyway, all the football games were held behind the Middle School.  They used to have big bleachers.  The football team was doing great, but the marching band was awesome.  Huge.  Majorettes giving fire baton twirling shows at half time.  All the uniforms lit up in lights.  About 100 or so band members I think.  Or at least it seemed like it.  Somewhere along the way, sports and band fizzled.  It wasn't until I got back into high school, around 1976 I think, that football became popular and took off again, and so did the band.

Anyway, I just wanted to say hello and maybe add this little anecdote to your memory page.

Michael Schwartz - Class of 1979

Best of Luck to the Alumni Band. I would love to join you, but do not think that I could handle marching any more. I was a member of Oberlin High Marching Band, Jr. High School and Senior High School. I left Oberlin in 1955 but remember all the good times with our band director Mr. Richard Weldon.  I played base drum (started the fancy drumming) played sax and other instruments. I have a granddaughter, that marched in the Midview Band, and it was always a pleasure to watch Oberlin step out.  I have a very warm spot in my heart for Oberlin Band !!  Keep up the good work.

Pat Folk - 1955

Wow, what memories. I graduated in 1986 and I was a marching band member with OHS for 6 years. Mr. J let me march with the band when I was in the 7th grade. I would love to come back and march with the band sometime.

I would love to be a part of the Alumni Band, I am living in Spring Texas (just North of Houston) but my family still lives in Oberlin and I try to get there a couple times a year. I play the trumpet, but I can bang on the bass drum and keep a beat if you need that too (my first year of marching band we only had 18 people, so allot of people played a few instruments) I did see the other part of the site with the pictures of the homecoming game, it looked like allot of fun.
Thanks for the site and bringing back allot of great memories.

Jim Ward - 1986

I was the first female sousaphone player for the OHS Marching Band.  I haven't played in 40 years.  I see by your list that you have one sousaphone player already in the band.  I will come to the game to support the band and the team but I'm afraid that I can't play.

Barbara (Berg) Mathaios - 1955

Our group was the first to wear the lights & the 8 inch ploom. We also had reversible jackets.
Mr. Billensley, from New York, was the director.
 "Tina" (Arrington) Maple - 1965
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