Oberlin’s Foreign Exchange Students
The American Field Service student exchange program grew out of the AFS all-civilian force of ambulance drivers that was formed by Americans in Paris in 1914 and served in both World Wars.  In 1947 AFS established its intercultural student and teacher exchange program with the premise that: “If future generations could empathize with and understand their global neighbors, recognizing and appreciating their differences, then perhaps future wars could be avoided.”

Oberlin High School first joined the AFS program when Marja Heino came to Oberlin from Finland in 1954.  We have had a foreign exchange student nearly every year since then (sometimes several!), and high school students from Oberlin have also participated in the program by spending a year studying abroad.

Now there are several other programs that provide the opportunity for students from other countries to attend high school in the United States.  Oberlin has had foreign exchange students from a number of these programs.  In addition, some foreign students have attended OHS while their parents lived temporarily in Oberlin, often while one parent taught at Oberlin College.  To recognize all these foreign students, and help re-establish contacts between them and their former classmates, we are devoting part of O-High Alumni to them. 

We have prepared a page listing foreign students who attended OHS,  and a page for Oberlinians who studied abroad as part of their high school education.  We have collected some articles about these students and some have also written about their experiences; links to these personal pages may be found next to the persons name. 

If you have a special memory or story about one of our exchange students we want to hear from you. If you know of foreign exchange students that we do not have listed here, or have information about one of the students, please let us know by writing to exchange.students@oberlin-high.org.  

Oberlinians Abroad

Visiting Students

Flags of the countries of our visiting exchange students. Displayed in the order of the first visitor
Findland Flag Germany Flag Sweden Flag Spain Flag
Denmark Flag Norway Flag Chile Flag France Flag
Japan Flag Finland Flag India Flag Ethiopian Flag
South-Vietnam flag Netherlands Flag Italy Flag Belgium Flag
Israel Flag Swaziland Flag Switzerland Flag Australia Flag
Portugal Flag Jordan Flag Dominican Republic Flag South Africa Flag
Barbados Flag Russia Flag Bolivia Flag Mexico Flag
Brazil Flag Argentina Flag Hong Kong Flag Croatia Flag
Latvia Flag Poland Flag

2002/03 Exchange Students
October 8, 2002 ONT article

Life After Oberlin
March 18, 1984 ONT article

We are looking for information on the following students who we believe were exchange students at OHS

Marjorie Lachowsky
from Brazil 1998-99

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