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Vicky Alfonso - 1998

Everybody ask me why I came here. The first reason was to learn more English. Another was to experience the culture and to meet people, but it was more than that.

First I want to thank "Los Bozzolos" for all the things that they did to make me feel at home, to let me be part of their life, to teach me things, and for everything. Also I want to thank Nattie, the person who showed me things and let me be part of her life even though it was just for six months.

I found everything different, but really interesting. One different but interesting thing was art. I never did art before, and here I learned how to draw, thanks to Mrs. Kretchmar teaching me the secrets of art.

Mr. Arko taught me how to do an essay, to feel the literature, to let go inside my heart.

Computer, with Mr. Betts, was really fun, although there were only four of his class.

And I want to thank Mr. Jaffee and Mr. Kaminski for teaching me the things they know.

Another difference is the school. They don't have lockers in Argentina. Also I am in the same classroom for three years with the same people. Here I learned to play softball and I saw snow for the first time, even if it was just a little.

I met wonderful people and I enjoyed every moment with you guys. Thanks a lot and I want you to know I’m going to miss you.
The 1998 O-High , p. 34.

Updated 6 November 06

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