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Dominican Republic 

Tony Canahuate M. - 1989-90

I left Oberlin in 1990 and I have spent all this time living in Dominican Republic, where the weather is always 80 degrees and the beaches are just great.  I have a wonderful 11 year old daugther and work as the Sales Manager for a Network Consultant Company.  I keep traveling all the time all over the States for work, being able to visit Oberlin in 2000 for our 10 year reunion, where we had a great time.

My whole and beloved family, The Browne's, where able to come to my country in 2001, where we had the greatest of times together.

My experience in Oberlin as an exchange student changed my life in so many great ways. Besides being able to adapt to a very small 

town, I had the opportunity to meet so many great people; I became aware of so many issues of our world, politicians, and social melting pot, all mixed together creating a new view for my present and future.

For now, I just want to send a peace message to the world, and also, invite all of you to the Dominican Republic, Without a doubt, the greatest spot in the Caribbean.


Tony Canahuate M.

I don't have any pictures of me right now ... for now, here's a picture of our great wildlife.

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Updated 6 November 06
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