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Anat Eliash - 1975 -77

I never married and have no children.

After graduating from OHS I served in the Israeli Air Force in the  IDF (Israel Defense Forces) - military service is mandatory for Israeli citizens ages 18-20 (females) 18-21 (males). I spent most of my senior year at OHS deliberating over this obligation, and 2 weeks into my first year at Oberlin College, I packed my bags, realizing that it was the right thing for me to do for many reasons. I would never have been able to turn round the clock and have never regretted my decision. 

After having completed my service, I majored in sociology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, taking English Lit. as a minor (attesting to the fruits of the combined and effective pedagogical efforts of Paula Powell, Mr. Randall and Jeanne Bay). I worked as a bi-lingual translator for a small firm for several years and then decided to go into teaching - (again-the credit goes to the previously  mentioned AWESOME OHS THREESOME!)

After receiving my teaching certification I taught English as a foreign language but also in a regular format in classes populated by English-speaking students, at several Israeli primary and secondaryschools. I became quite critical of the Israeli educational system and finally made a professional switch to computers-with the best of results. I work for a major Israeli computer company and I myself specialize in internet services, specifically constructing and maintaining websites and  interactive web services.I immensely enjoy my work.

I have been living at my current address since last April - I don't know whether you are familiar with the concept of the Israeli kibbutz, which has evolved to a semi-collective community life which in recent years has taken a VERY capitalistic turn. Historically, the kibbutz idea was that of a collective - even the nuclear family unit was split up - the kids did not reside with their parents but in "Children's Houses" - but I'm really going off-track here.

I last visited Oberlin in 1981 to attend my father's funeral who had died suddenly, at the age of 49.

My memories of the two years of my life wherein I lived in the City of Oberlin will always remain with me; fondly, yet at the same time they are difficult.

Updated 6 November 06
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