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Patrick Zahnd - 1969-70

Dear friends,
What a surprise for me to see your website and what a real joy!

I was OHS  french AFS student in 1969-70 and was staying with Harvey Gittler's family at that time at 28 Woodhaven Drive.  Now, Harvey is living next to you [the high school]  in Kendal and I have been visiting him and stay in close touch with him too. In fact, I visited OHS in May 2000 and was given the opportunity to say a few words to young students in the library, speaking like a veteran maybe. 

I now live in Budapest, Hungary, Central Europe.  I head a diplomatic mission representing the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) for 11 countries of Central Europe.  I have spent my life all over the world but mostly in Africa, in war zones and developing countries.  But also in New York, where I represented my organization as observer to the UN.
I would be very happy if you could put my E-Mail address on your website, on the AFS page so that, maybe some old friends could send me news.
Hope to have news from you soon.  Keep your high spirit and energy to keep this site going on and active.  It is great.
Warm regards,
Patrick Zahnd
AFS '70
Updated 6 November 06

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