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Åsa Hellman - 1965-66

O-High yearbook  1966

28 Dec 2002

I was an American Field Service exchange student in Oberlin in 1965 - 1966. I lived with the John R. Spencer family and my American "sister"  Stephanie Spencer who also graduated from Oberlin High School in 1966. After many years abroad, four years in London, one year in Belgrade, Yugoslavia and many periods spent in the South of France I am now back in my home town Porvoo where I live together with my 13 year old son Simon.

I am doing ceramics, that means big unique pots as well as sculptures and wall- reliefs, and I am making a living as an artist. Right now I am writing a book called Ceramic Art in Finland, it will appear in autumn 2004. My writing language is Swedish but the book will 

be translated into Finnish and English I hope. That year in Oberlin has meant a lot to me - coming back to Finland it was, for example, an enormous advantage to know English and speak it fluently. For many years I worked (voluntarily, no pay) within an  international organization called World Crafts Council  as member of the European board. This included a lot of traveling to various countries, even to Japan, but so far I have not returned to the States. Maybe I'll come for the next reunion of my old class of Oberlin High? It feels very good to be in touch again with the past . And I do hope that friends who still remember me will be in touch. 
Updated 6 November 06
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