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Katherine Reichard - 1960

Oberlin Girl Exchange Student

Kathy’s Finnish Will Improve In Hurry
Oberlin—Katherine Reichard will be able to speak a little Finnish when she arrives in Helsinki, Finland, where she will study next year in the American Field Service Exchange program.

“She has been working at it,” said her mother, Mrs. Joseph Reichard, of 365 West College St.
“Kathy” will sail from New York Thursday in company with other students most of whom will study under the ASF summer program. She was scheduled to leave by train for New York today.

In Helsinki she will live with Mr. and Mrs. Julius Unhola, their daughter who is Kathy’s 

age, 17, and their 15-year-old son. She will begin her studies in September.

The first Oberlin student to go abroad under the program, Kathy is an outstanding student 
at Oberlin High School, where she will resume her studies as a senior next January.

She has maintained a high scholastic average throughout her school career and was a member of the high school mathematics team which placed fourth in state competition.
In the state-wide music contest she played piano accompaniment for local soloists and herself won a superior rating as an oboist.
Last year she played in the band and orchestra and was selected to attend the Girl Scout Roundup in Colorado next month, but will be unable to attend because of the European trip.

[Photograph of Kathy and her mother weighing a shoe: A-Weigh She Goes—On the eve of her departure for Finland, where she will be a foreign exchange student, Kathy Reichard and her mother ponder a weighty problem. The question is how many pairs of shoes, and which ones, to take so her baggage won’t exceed airline weight limits.]
The Chronicle-Telegram, Elyria, Ohio, 
Wednesday, June 17, 1959, p. 10.

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