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Barbara Kern - 1955


I am Barbara (Kern) Habecker.  I was the first AFS student to go abroad. That was the summer of 1955.  Oh, my God!!  Don't count the "years ago".  There was one student here, Maria Heino, from Finland the school year before.  1954-55.  She stayed with the Charles Moser family.  I went to Finland and stayed with the Leimu family from June to September.  It was an incredible experience.

After that, for several years I was student/family liason for several students.  I was active in the AFS organization.  Then, for the school year 1975-1976 we hosted Guilio Illuminati from Italy.  Our children were in middle school and high school at that time.  They had been exposed to AFS for so long, they just expected us to host a student one day.

It is a fantastic organization.  No, I am not involved any more.  Too many other things have taken up my time. I am the librarian at Eastwood School in Oberlin, and the Director of Music, organist, choir director, bell choir director at Cove United Methodist Church in Lakewood.  I was very pleased to find out about this web site. 


Barbara (Kern) Habecker

Updated 6 November 06
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