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Brasilia, Brazil

Natalia Mello Rosa Braga - 2002
My home city is Brasilia, the capital of Brazil. I appreciate the way that all of you are treating me. I thought that you would forget about me but I was wrong. I got in Oberlin by Council Exchange Programs and my local cordinator was Karen Oumarou.

My year in Oberlin was really good. I learned about many things which are completely different from my country like cooking and babysitting. I also had the wonderful 

experience of being a volunteer at boys and girls club. I met lots and lots of nice people and I just love that place!!!

My friends from High School I will never forget them. I knew a lot of people and what I miss most are the basketball games. I played softball (we don´t play softball in Brazil). My teachers and my coaches were really good to me specially in the begining when I had some trouble with the language.

I miss Oberlin a lot. I have a lot of plans. But one of them is: go back to Oberlin and spend a loooooong time there because I just love that small town!

Now I keep being a student. I´m done in High School  and I will start to work in a store at the mall soon.

I just want to say thank you for all you guys and my friends,teachers, parents: I love you all

Updated 6 November 06
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